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ARIEL BASSAN is a menswear brand that focuses on modern tailoring and offers sophisticated high quality garments with a distinct signature of contemporary minimalism.


Founded in Tel-Aviv by interior designer turned fashion designer, ARIEL BASSAN is deeply inspired by art and architecture. In his collections, Ariel quotes conceptual and minimal art alongside modern and brutalist architecture.


At ARIEL BASSAN, we celebrate the classic menswear wardrobe. The textile choices, their color palette, the silhouettes, and above all the tailoring — are all inspired by, and quote from, the history and the elegance of traditional menswear. Yet, at the same time we inspire to introduce a new masculinity: our collections explore and expand the definition of menswear while blurring the relationship between gender and clothing, and giving classics a fresh interpretation through our modern-minimalism lens.


Our collections exist on the intersection of the conceptual and the wearable, the masculine and the feminine, the classic and the innovative. 


Being a minimalist means being a perfectionist. Every seam or lack of it, every stitch, and every detail is a key element in our design. We believe in subtlety, small gestures that create a big impact.


Every one of our designs is fully thought out in order to get to a crisp and smart minimal look. We aim to create clothes with a strong visual and conceptual statement; clothes that can be seamlessly incorporated into every man's wardrobe.

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